These original Challenges require exactly 6 players to be in the current Online Freeburn.

1Floor ItDriverGet a total of 10 seconds of Boosting.
2Go ClubbingTeamMeet at the Maplemount Country Club.
3Jump IntroDriverJump 50 yards.
4Near Miss IntroDriverChain 3 Near Misses.
5Drift IntroDriverDrift a total of 150 yards.
6Billboard IntroDriverSmash a Burnout Billboard.
7Barrel Roll IntroDriverLand a barrel Roll on Big Surf beach.
8Oncoming!DriverDrive in oncoming traffic for 300 yards.
9SkyriseTeamMeet on the roof of the Hudson Car Park.
10Baseball CrashTeamCrash into each other in the Baseball Stadium.
11Freeway 500DriverChain 500 yards on Oncoming on the I-88 Freeway.
12Foot DownDriverGet a total of 45 seconds of Boosting.
13Spin DoktorDriverFlat Spin off a ramp.
14Near Miss TonTeamGet a total of over 100 Near Misses. All drivers must contribute.
15On The WaterfrontTeamMeet at the Waterfront Plaza.
16Co-op JumpsTeamJump a total of 400 yards. All drivers must contribute.
17South BayTeamLand a total of 50 Jumps and 12,000 of Oncoming on the South Bay Expressway. All drivers must contribute.
18Round & RoundDriverGet a total of 10 Near Misses at the Lone Peak Stock Car Track.
19In A TubeDriverDrive through the North Mountain Drive pipeline.
20Uphill FlightDriverGet a total of 5 seconds of Air Time from the Uphill Steps.
21Read and RollDriverJump off a ramp on Read Lane and land a Barrel Roll on the railroad.
22Hole Lotta JumpsTeamLand a total of 18 jumps over the mine shaft in the Lone Peaks Quarry. All drivers must contribute.
23Open Face-OffDriverLand 2 Barrel Rolls and drift a total of 2,000 yards in the Lone Peaks Quarry.
24Blast Off!DriverGet a total of 15 seconds of Air Time in the Lone Peaks Quarry.
25All JumpTeamJump a total of 3,000 yards from the cliff overlooking the Rockridge Dam. All drivers must contribute.
26Airfield RollersDriverLand 4 Barrel Rolls at the Eastern Shore Airfield.
27Airfield SpinsTeamGet a total of 2,500 Flat Spin degerees at the Eastern Shore Airfield. All drivers must contribute.
28Pass You ByTeamDrift a total of 6,000 yards and get a total of 1,200 yards of Oncoming on Lewis Pass. All drivers must contribute.
29Rouse Long JumpDriverJump from the ramp at the scenic view on Rouse onto the railroad track below.
30Burn the BarnTeamMeet in the hayloft of the barn in Hillside Pass.
31Co-op DriftTeamDrift a total of 6,000 yards. All drivers must contribute.
32All Together NowTeamEverybody get 200 yards of Oncoming on Nelson Way at the same time.
33Rock And RollDriverLand a double Barrel Roll in the Lone Peaks Quarry.
346 Cars-a-LeapingTeamLand a total of 24 jumps from the cliff overlooking the Rockridge Dam. All drivers must contribute.
35Dirt Track MarathonTeamDrift a total of 18,000 yards at the Lone Peaks Stock Car Track. All drivers must contribute.
36In the NavyTeamMeet at the Fort Lawrence Naval Yard.
37Missing LinkDriverChain 5 Near Misses on the I-88 Freeway.
38In your FaceTeamAll drivers chain 250 yards of Oncoming on the I-88 Freeway at the same time.
39Spray and DisplayTeamDrift a total of 15,000 yards and get 20 Near Misses at the Downtown Fountain. All drivers must contribute.
40Can You Make It?TeamOne driver jump the other 5 on Big Surf beach.
41Sandy DisplayDriverLand 4 Barrel Rolls and Flat Spin a total of 270 degrees on Big Surf beach.
42Meet and GreetTeamJump from the parking garage on the EAST side of Angus Wharf and meet up on top of the parking garage on the WEST side.
43ExpressoDriverAccumulate 5 Near Misses and 360 Flat Spin degrees on the South Bay Expressway.
44Stone PosesDriverDiscover the jump route through the rock arch on North Mountain Drive.
45Spin CityDriverGet a 270-degree Flat Spin off Dead Man's Edge.
46Off TrackTeamJump a total of 700 yards over the Nelson Way Gas Station using the railroad high jump. All drivers must contribute.
47Billboard HuntDriverSmash 5 Burnout Billboards.
48Airfield ReversalDriverLand a reverse jump at the Eastern Shore Airfield.
49Flying ThruDriverJump from the hangar through the red aircraft fuselage section at the Eastern Shore Airfield.
50Rolling HoopDriverBarrel Roll from the collapsed hangar through the aircraft fuselage section at the Eastern Shore Airfield.
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