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Although the 616 Sport Burning Route is quite straight forward, drivers will be navigating two of the busiest districts in Paradise City; Downtown Paradise and Harbor Town.


Take an immediate left onto Glancey Avenue. After the second traffic light (which is 3rd Street), veer 45-degrees right and go through the arch and the park, coming out at the intersection of Root Avenue and 2nd Street. Veer left onto Root, and take the cut-through under the El-Train Tracks, exiting on 1st Street. Go through the next light (which is 1st Street), and take the diagonal path over to Harber Street. On the next block, veer left in front of the Carson GT Concept billboard and take the double jumps onto Manners Avenue. Take any of the three shortcuts or the main turn on the left onto South Bay Expressway, and follow S. Bay to the Naval Yard. Do not use the Gas Station as it will slow your high-speed run because of the slo-mo camera.

Alternate Routes[]

This is a slightly slower route, but it is easier to navigate. Start out heading west on 4th Street. After you cross Paradise Avenue, the name changes to King Avenue, but continue following the road. When you see the metal bridges on the right and the approach to the I-88 on-ramp, make the hard right onto Harber Street and then complete the route described above.



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