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5th Street is a road in Paradise City located in the Twin Bridges and West Acres areas of Palm Bay Heights. The Street starts at the Young Avenue intersection, opposite of Riverside Avenue. The road immediately curves west, stretching along the River. 5th Street passes no less than 3 bridges and meets up with Evans Boulevard at which point it turns slightly to the north-west and runs under the El-Train Tracks at the Young Avenue junction. The road carries on north-west and goes over the Western Big Surf Railroad. The road finally dead ends in front of the Ocean View Parking Lot at the Lambert Parkway T-intersection.

5th Street features a 940-yard long covered section between the Riverside Avenue intersection and the Evans Boulevard crossing.


The events below are listed from East to West:

Event Type Event Name Starting Intersection Finish Location
Marked Man Run like the Wind Paradise Avenue Wind Farm
Road Rage Frank Exchange Franke Avenue N/A
Marked Man Strke Out Hamilton Avenue Wildcats Baseball Stadium
Burning Route (Right) Krieger Überschall 8 Burning Route Root Avenue Lone Stallion Ranch
Burning Route (Right) Hunter Citizen Burning Route Evans Boulevard Lone Stallion Ranch
Burning Route (Right) Hunter Mesquite Burning Route Lambert Parkway Fort Lawrence Naval Yard


Young Avenue[]

At the east entry to the covered section of the road (on the west side of the road, southbound lane), lies an opening to a back alley which effectively cuts the corner and leads players onto Young Avenue. Additionally, players can continue straight ahead after exiting the shortcut to use another path that leads to the Young Avenue and Paradise Avenue intersection.

Hamilton Avenue[]

The north-east corner of this junction features a small pedestrian path inside the curve that drivers can use to cut that very corner. It leads northbound on Hamilton Avenue and can be taken in the opposite direction.

Landmarks of Interest[]

Listed from North to South

  • Bowl-a-Rama
  • West Acres Commercial District

Gameplay Strategies[]

5th Street does not offer a direct itinerary to Finish locations. The street is not linked to any important roads that offer a direct route to a finish line, which makes it uninteresting route for race events.
Aggressive drivers won't find much excitement on 5th Street other than in the covered section in which both lanes are separated by support pillars and thus tighten the span of the road and intensifies the action as well as making it easier to score Wall Takedowns.
It is highly inadvisable to use this road during Stunt Run events. There are no Billboards in the vicinity and there are no Ramps located along this road either. No multipliers can be scored on this road.
Players traveling on 5th Avenue during an offline Marked Man may use the covered section's support pillars as cover against the attacks of rivals, but during an online event it is dangerous to stay too close to walls as players are easily taken down when forced against them.

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