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The 4x4 C180 Super is a Crash Mode vehicle in Burnout Revenge.

It is very fast and has a good crashbreaker, but the major drawback its slippery handling. Even at the slightest tap of a direction will initiate a drift, making it a not so great choice for curved junctions, but can accelerate quickly into junctions with short run-ups.

In spite of being a heavier crash vehicle, its movement is sometimes interfered with by the wind. Compared to other mid-weight crashers, it does an excellent job at launching itself off of ramps.

Available colors are black, grey, yellow, purple, orange, silver, red, and blue.

How to Unlock[]

  • PlayStation 2 and Xbox: Win a medal in the Rank 1: Lone Peak "Crash Off The Beaten Truck" in crash event.
  • Xbox 360: Win a medal in the Rank 6: Central Route "Enter The Junction" crash event.


The license plate reads: RM-CR-01 , which stands for "Rushmore Crasher 1."