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The Xbox360 car is a downloadable race vehicle in Burnout Revenge.

Unlike the Revenge Racer, upon which it is based, the Xbox360 car is not capable of keeping the increased top speed it earns from maintaining momentum.

It is known for the insane boosting speed it is capable of reaching, and was a choice for online multiplayer due to its stats, as well as its handling being very similar to the Prototype R205 GT.

It does exceptionally well in race events due to its high speed, decent handling, and light weight although isn't the best choice for Road Rage events as its light weight limits its ability to score Takedowns.


The Xbox360 car is unlocked by downloading the Xbox Live Car pack from the Xbox LIVE marketplace, and then earning a bronze medal in the "Crashbreaker Race - Forwards" event in Lone Peak within the Dominator rank.


  • The Xbox360 car replaces the Tuned R180 ST seen in the PlayStation 2 and Xbox releases for the Xbox 360's release of the Sunshine Keys Forward Burning Route.
  • It is the prominent background menu car for the Xbox 360 release of the game.
  • The Xbox Live Car pack is offered for free on the Xbox LIVE marketplace.
  • The Xbox360 car is available in the Xbox 360 demo release of Burnout Revenge.