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The 25 V16 Revenge Burning Route is on the difficult side of these events in the game because of the high speeds players will be traveling at and the nature of the car. The 25 V16 Revenge is superb at dodging traffic and tackling corners, but it has a high tendency to spin out at low speeds. If players driving the vehicle are not skilled at drifting, taking a turn too sharp or too wide may send them straight into a wall or even stop the vehicle cold.


Start out heading northwest on Franke Avenue. After passing over the twin bridges, go through the light after the bridges (as well as the next light.) On the following block, take the alleyway shortcut on the left (in front of the building with the guy in the suit and MCS on it), which puts you on 7th Street, lined up for Lawrence Tunnel. You can either take the sidewalk on the left to avoid traffic, the jump on the right into outgoing traffic (don't hit the tree on the median), or continue down 7th towards the Tunnel. You can enter either the left or right tunnel, but you should optionally stay toward the center in either case and take the construction ramp to the other side to preserve your boost chain. As you exit the tunnel, you will want to glide right onto N. Rouse Drive and follow it all the way around until you reach the observatory (N. Rouse becomes N. Mountain Drive, but you don't have to make any turns to change roads).

There are numerous dirt paths and shortcuts on the right and left of N. Rouse Drive, but they are not required to complete the route in the required time and may in fact hurt your overall time as you may be more likely to wreck trying to take the shortcut than you would staying on the main road. These are the notable pathways if players want to use them:

  • A short ways after you exit the tunnel on N. Rouse, the road splits into a divided highway with the westbound lane going to the north and the eastbound lane to the south. If you go between the split routes, there is a dirt path with several super jumps that runs beneath the main road.
  • After you cross Read Lane, there will be an opening in the fence to the left of the road. Go through it and keep straight and then veer to the left - there is a jump that will land you back on N. Mountain Drive right before the finish line for the Crystal Summit Observatory.



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