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Starting the race, you will want to head straight over the bridge and under the raised railway. Look out at the first intersection under it, as a lone car tends to cross over from right to left. Head down to Harber Street, but when you come to the dip, be wary of any potential vehicles coming up the hill that are hidden by being lower than the peak of the dip. Take a turn to the right, however be careful. You may not be able to make the corner at full boosting speed, and the squirly nature of the Überschall makes it even more difficult.

Survive this, and you can shoot on down to Manners Avenue. Take a shortcut to the right to avoid peril at the intersection and go through the jumps in the warehouse. Don't try to take the jump on the right with the Billboard, you will have to abandon your Boost Chaining and slow down to make it, and the jumps on the left provide more airtime, and thus more boost (ensuring you'll continue your boos chain). Déjà vu may set in as you avoid risking the intersection ahead to get to South Bay Expressway by taking the shortcut past the Fishery Market.

When you shoot out onto S. Bay Expy, you can choose to either follow the roads, or take the route on the left next to the waterfront. While the near unavoidable and tricky Super Jump is much more risky than the traffic on the road, the offset is that if the jump is successful, there is no traffic to worry about, and the Jump, plus smaller ones along the way, help keep the Burnout Chains going. If you took the road, you can take the Gas Station to help top up the Chaining Boost. You should shoot past the Naval Yard either way.

Soon you will cross the South Bay Bridge. If you like to get your boost via Oncoming, be wary of the traffic in the narrow lanes, and avoid accidentally crashing by dodging a car and inadvertently launching off the center dividers. Once over the bridge, it's a simple matter of taking an easy left turn and up the hill to Lone Stallion Ranch and snapping the win.



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